Sunday, January 27, 2008

Old Hobby New

Have started a bit of embroidery, which I haven't done for ages. This is my first one so far, it's on the bottom left hand side of an A frame Mary Tyler-Mooreish denim skirt.
The pattern is from Sublime Stitching. Now am doing a lady on a pillowcase. Whoo hoo.

Was supposed to go to Morrissey tonight but he has a sore throat. Prince never got a sore throat. So that was to be the highlight of the weekend, instead it was probably dinner at Shanghai in Kingsland Road - a Chinese restaurant in the area of East London known as Litte Hanoi, - which is housed in an old Art Deco Pie and Eel shop. Front of the restaurant is all tiled, has a row of booths, bar and big mirror, very grand. We were out the back which was all a bit 'Shanghai' feeling. MT very impressed with the Lazy Susan.
We had Dim Sum, my favourite was the crispy tofu, nice light batter with deliciously silky tofu, and the chicken lettuce wraps. Spicy chicken and beans that you pile into crispy fresh iceberg lettuce with plum sauce. Roll it all up and viola, chomp. Mmmm. Also worth a mention was the fresh greens with oyster sauce and the steaming prawn dumplings.

After dinner, which we had with D&B, we went to the Rio Cinema down the road. Nice, old school cinema, with stalls and a balcony. We sat upstairs, seats OK although not much leg room and the guy that was sat in front of us reeked. Poo. A lot better than a multiplex though. Saw No Country for Old Men which was great. Fantastic psycho lead character, Javier Bardem, with a truly exceptional haircut!

Anyhoo, that's enough. One last pic, here I am outside the Emirates on Saturday before Arsenal played Newcastle. MT won his bet - 3 - 0 to the Arsenal, Adebayor first goal - 20:1. Whoo hoo.

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive embroidery! Rekindling of old family tradition-good one Liz!